Where is the U.S. on the Road to 2015?

Three and a half years ago at the last major aid effectiveness forum in Busan, Korea, the U.S. government signed the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and agreed to implement it fully by the end of 2015. It recognised that a poor level of aid information hinders decision making at all steps in the development process, and that this can adversely affect development outcomes. It was a big breakthrough for IATI to gain the support of the world’s largest bilateral donor, but it has certainly not been plain sailing since.

To put it mildly, implementation of the commitment has been mixed. When we last assessed progress back in October 2014 we found the majority of U.S. agencies to be a long way off-track. With the exception of the MCC, which has made brilliant efforts in opening up its data, the rest of the agencies we assessed barely managed to score over 40% in our Index.

So will anything have changed? Have U.S. agencies made aid transparency a priority? Is U.S. aid now more open?

We’ve just passed the half-way point in 2015 and are releasing a mid-year review of progress in the U.S. We think the results are quite interesting. We’ll be presenting the review on the morning of July 1st at FHI360 in Washington, D.C. If you’d like to join us at this important discussion please RSVP to confirm your place.

If you’re unable to join us you can follow the event on Twitter via @aidtransparency and #Roadto2015

Nick Winnett, Partnerships and Outreach Officer, Publish What You Fund and Road to 2015 campaign coordinator