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The Home Straight - The 31st of December 2015 marks the deadline that donors set themselves to make their aid fully transparent. The Road to 2015 campaign was launched over a year ago to push donors to meet their commitment and we are now entering the home straight. But we are not taking our foot off the pedal. To […]
Where is the EU on the Road to 2015? - “We will work to improve the availability and public accessibility of information on development co-operation and other development resources, building on our respective commitments in this area. To this end, we will…implement a common, open standard for electronic publication of timely, comprehensive and forward-looking information on resources provided through development…with the aim of implementing it […]
Financing and Development: Donors must make the aid data revolution reality - Years ago, I spent a summer working in the research department of an investment bank. My job was to analyse company data and spot long-term trends in equities markets. As finance professionals know, the data can be overwhelming: numbers blinking on Bloomberg terminals, scrolling across TV screens and clogging up your email in endless reports. […]
Development Initiatives’ Data Manifesto - Development Initiatives has put together ‘The Data Manifesto’ which sets out 12 recommendations for the UN Secretary General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution. The Manifesto sets out DI’s belief that the data revolution should be about data “grounded in real life”. This means information that gets to the “people who need it […]
First impressions of the new UN data revolution group - By Jeannet Lingan, Publish What You Fund. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon last week announced a new independent expert advisory group on the data revolution. As an organisation that has been vocal in its support of the data revolution from the start, Publish What You Fund very much welcomes this initiative. It is great to […]


Partner perspective: Aidspan - Aidspan is an independent observer of the Global Fund. We spoke to Aidspan’s Senior Programme Officer, Angela Kageni, about their work with the Fund and her experiences with open data. Can you tell me about the work that Aidspan does? We are a hybrid organisation: A watchdog and think-tank that does research, data analytics and community-level watchdogging. We publish […]
Partner perspective: AidOpener - This is a guest post by Michael Medley – a scholar, teacher, activist and consultant, specializing in the Sudans, and international aid issues. Learn more at AidOpener.  For activists not technocrats Last month I launched a small initiative in the struggle for aid transparency and accountability. The website is called AidOpener. Its first offering is a tool […]
Case study: The “publish once, use often” approach of the Netherlands - The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuza) renews the data held in its data warehouse every month and publishes it directly to the IATI Registry. The information is used to monitor where MinBuza is doing what, with whom and in what way and to monitor progress on various topics, including policy priorities or cross-cutting efforts […]
Case study: Mohinga – Myanmar’s home-grown Aid Information Management System - Myanmar has seen an influx of international aid since the new Government began its democratic transition and social and economic reform programme in 2011. Government officials quickly realised the importance of being able to track aid activities and expenditure and to manage and guide this assistance effectively. The need for improved aid tracking was also recognised by […]
Case study: Implementing Aid Transparency in Sweden - In 2010, the Swedish government introduced the transparency guarantee of Swedish aid, and in 2011 the first version of the platform was launched. The progress made by Sida so far is due to a number of factors, including: support from political and management levels; broad organisational involvement from communication officers, statisticians, IT staff, archivists […]